EC Stevia was born with the necessity to create a sweetener that could fulfill our expectations for personal use in our daily life. We wanted a sweetener we could trust 100% in all senses.

No calories, great taste, safe ingredients and the best quality.

1.New product with great taste without bitter after taste.
2. Produced and packaged in Greece.
3. Do not contain any sugar fructose, agave or other high caloric sweetener.
4. Do not contain aspartame, saccharin, acesulfame K, glycerin, sodium cyclamate.
5. Our liquid product is the less processed sweetener in the market. It contains 96% pure water and 3% pure stevia from Paraguay.
6. One new technological innovation makes possible the transformation from Steviol glycosides powder mix to the only real crystal sweetener product worldwide.
7. Our crystal is the only 0 calories, sweetener from steviol glycosides that can perform similar to sugar in baking marmalades, ice creams candies etc.
8. Our powder product is the most affordable from all stevia sweeteners in the market.

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