Mission Statement
The founders are everyday people just like you trying to enhance a new healthy lifestyle. Stevia is a revolutionary plant that provides to all of us the magic of healthy sweet diet. We believe that health is the most important value in our lives and we express that passion through our products.
EC STEVIA S.A, as a leading company, offers the highest quality to customers by producing and selling innovative products at value for money prices supported by exceptional customer service. Our mission statement is our purpose, the reason we are in business. It is the passion behind our company. Our blends ( Liquid & powder ) unlike most competitors’ brands are made mainly from the best quality Paraguayan stevia powder with minimum 95% steviol glycosides. We guarantee the best taste ever made from Steviol glycosides.

EC Stevia’s vision of bringing wellness to the world, and to every single individual, is something we are passionate about. Our health is definitely the most important part of our life! Of course we aspire to provide you with the best and most high-quality products. Everyone needs a balanced diet to ensure the best health-consciousness. EC Stevia is your key to have a sweet, healthy and fun diet without quitting at all the flavor in your life. We spend a huge amount of time, energy and passion chasing the taste! but now we love it! and we are using it everyday. These words describe our ideal future and reflect the essence of who we are as a company. We also believe our vision statement unites and inspires us in a common, coherent and strategic direction.

Our values reflect our core ideologies and drive the decisions we make. These principles are:
• great value & highest quality products
• relentless innovation
• making a difference in people’s lives through health and wellness
• treating our customers with respect
These ideals reflect what we must live, breathe and reflect in all our daily activities. They are the guidelines for driving our team in day-to-day decision making and are the tools that help bring the brand to life.

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