Our story is like all other stories, you read about something that is going to change the way you see things in your daily life. Stevia is a revolutionary a plant, and a prime material, which we had the pleasure to meet.
In December 2011, Stevia finally came as a product to Europe. When we had the news, we were just nothing less than ready to dedicate ourselves to make the product of Stevia come alive. We found a way to put the product Stevia into our daily routine and thought about sharing this unique taste with 0 calories to the world.
My two friends and I questioned if Greece and the world was ready for this product? Are they going to be in love with this sweet plant as much as we are? That question was constantly in our heads but we knew we had this super power sweetener which stayed in our palate.
One day I read this beautiful quote that was as an awakening to me, “to run 10,000 kilometers, you have to start with the first step”. That day I couldn’t think about anything else. The day I read this quote, I went to the office where we get together to talk about things that are important to us and by coincidence my friends were there too; like they were waiting for me.
The very thing we three have in common, is that we have a particular interest about health. Every day we question, what are we putting into our mouth? Is these food, sweet, drink or whatever. Is going to damage our body or revitalize and nourish It.?
You probably might be thinking, “Are they for real?” But one of the three, is a natural doctor, the other is a biochemical engineer and the third one has his own store with alternative medicine. So, the answer my dear friends is, yes, we do think about these things every day.
We took the risk but we had to face many challenges and problems; which we solved with courage. And now our EC stevia story is still being written, we add new adventures to our story every day. More people are getting fascinated by this product and changing their lives with EC Stevia in ways we couldn’t imagine. People call our office to thank us because of EC Stevia, every day. These people are usually diabetics who can now eat pastries or drink sweet beverages and also mothers who do not want their children eating or getting addicted to typical sugarcane, therefore; they are happy using EC Stevia products. Of course they are people who want to lose weight but they cannot quit eating their favorite cakes. I have to warn you that if you try our Stevia powder, liquid or crystal recipe, you won’t have a doubt of what we are telling you is true, our Ec Stevia is by far the best taste that had ever existed.
We don’t have words to describe the feeling of joy with every call we get thanking us for this product. We also want to say thank you for keeping us on track improving our product and giving us a chance to help you, who cannot consume sugarcane. In addition we appreciate and value the fact that we are writing this EC Stevia story together. We hope next time to write something more about you personally (positive of course).
We hope you like our Sweet World.
With love and light to the world.